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How to Escape the Doomscrolling Trap

Discover the Downside of Doomscrolling and Learn Tips to Scroll Smarter, Not Harder


Doomscrolling – it's a catchy term that's been popping up everywhere, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, doomscrolling refers to the habit of endlessly scrolling through bad news on social media and news websites, even though it makes us feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed. It's like a car crash you can't look away from, except the crash is happening on your phone screen.

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A study from the American Psychological Association revealed that constant exposure to negative news can significantly increase feelings of sadness and anxiety.

The Downside of Doomscrolling

So, why do we do it? The answer lies in our brain's wiring. We have a natural negativity bias, meaning we're drawn to bad news. It's an evolutionary trait that once helped us stay alert to dangers. However, in the digital age, this trait can backfire, leading us into a spiral of negative news consumption.

Breaking Free from Doomscrolling

Here's the good news: breaking the doomscrolling habit is possible. Here are some strategies:

1. Set Boundaries: Limit your news consumption to specific times of the day. Apps like Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing can help you monitor and manage your screen usage.

2. Choose Your Sources Wisely: Stick to a few reliable news sources. This helps in avoiding the bombardment of sensational or exaggerated news that fuels doomscrolling.

3. Engage in 'Positivescrolling': Balance your newsfeed with positive or educational content. Follow accounts that offer uplifting stories or teach you something new.

4. Mindfulness Matters: Practice mindfulness when scrolling. Ask yourself, "Why am I scrolling?" If it's out of habit or boredom, it might be time to put the phone down.

5. Replace the Habit: Find healthier alternatives to fill your time, like reading a book, going for a walk, or chatting with a friend.

Time to Rethink Our Scrolling Habits

Remember, it's not just about avoiding the news; it's about consuming it in a way that doesn't harm our mental well-being. By being more mindful of our digital habits, we can maintain our awareness of world events without falling into the trap of doomscrolling.

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