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Perfume Decants: A Balanced Overview with Insights from Aromedy's Approach

A perfume decant is a smaller-sized vial or bottle of perfume that is not a manufacturer's bottle, nor is it factory sealed. They are created by transferring the scent from its original design house bottle into a sterile sample atomizer.


The concept of perfume decants is reshaping how individuals explore and enjoy fragrances. These smaller bottles, filled from larger original containers, offer an intriguing alternative to traditional perfume purchasing.

However, companies like Aromedy take a different approach, focusing exclusively on fragrances in their original manufacturer packaging for their subscription services. Let's explore the world of perfume decants, their benefits and drawbacks, and the unique stance of Aromedy.

What are Perfume Decants?

Decants are essentially smaller quantities of perfume transferred from the original, larger bottle to a smaller one. This method allows perfume enthusiasts to sample a variety of scents without the expense of purchasing full-sized bottles.

Advantages of Perfume Decants


Decants are a budget-friendly option for those wanting to try multiple fragrances.

Diverse Collections:

They enable a broader experience across different scents.


The smaller size of decants makes them ideal for travel and on-the-go use.

Testing Over Time:

Decants provide an opportunity to wear a fragrance over a period to see how it interacts with individual skin chemistry.

Disadvantages of Perfume Decants

Reduced Shelf Life:

Decants may not preserve the fragrance as effectively as the original packaging.

Missed Brand Experience:

Opting for decants means forgoing the luxury experience of the brand's own packaging and presentation.

The Aromedy Approach

Aromedy, a notable player in the fragrance subscription market, has taken a clear stance on this issue. They offer fragrances exclusively in their original manufacturer packaging. This decision underscores the importance of authenticity and the full brand experience, ensuring that subscribers receive fragrances as intended by the creators.

Dangers of Buying Decants

Authenticity Concerns:

There's a heightened risk of counterfeit or diluted products when purchasing decants, particularly those not from trusted sources.

Quality Issues:

The fragrance's quality can be compromised due to improper transfer or storage.

Information Gap:

Decants often lack comprehensive information about the perfume, like batch codes, which are essential for verifying authenticity.


While perfume decants offer an accessible way to explore various fragrances, the concerns over authenticity and quality cannot be overlooked. Aromedy's choice to provide fragrances only in their original packaging through their subscription service emphasizes the value of authenticity and the complete brand experience. Whether opting for decants or full-sized bottles, the key is to choose trusted sources to ensure the quality and authenticity of your fragrance experience.

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