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Spotlighting the talents of the finest candle artisans across the USA. Begin your journey for just $25 per month!

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How it works

A Natural Progression: Effortlessly Crafting, Delivering, and Enhancing Your Seasonal Scent Experience with our Step-by-Step Process.

Select your desired box

Get Candles Every Month

Select from two distinct sizes – prices begin at $25/month with complimentary US shipping!

Your initial box dispatches right away, with subsequent boxes sent out monthly thereafter.

Create the Ambiance

Discover fresh and distinctive aromas, meticulously tailored to the season and your fragrance inclinations.

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Candle surprise box

What's in the Box

Introducing Monthly Elegance: Your Essential Candle Subscription

  • Luxury Candle: Whether small or large, each candle is crafted from the finest ingredients, embodying the pinnacle of luxury in our candle subscription service.

  • Safety First: A pack of premium safety matches to ensure your candle-lighting experience is both serene and secure.

  • Bonus Delight: A complimentary gift with each box, handpicked from home, beauty, or travel categories, adding a touch of surprise to your candle membership subscription.

Featured Candles

Popular Picks for Every Occasion

club candle

Evening Soiree

A subtle blend perfect for intimate evening gatherings, offering a warm and welcoming ambiance.

box candles

Morning Meditation

Gentle and uplifting, this candle is ideal for morning rituals, yoga, or meditation sessions, providing a serene start to the day.

candle box gift

Dinner Date

Crafted for romantic dinners or special occasions, it sets the mood with its delicate scent and soft glow.

Elevate Every Moment with Aromedy

Dive into a sensory experience like no other. Every flicker, every scent, and every moment with our candles is crafted meticulously just for you. From seasonal delights to timeless classics, our candle subscription box promises an ambiance that resonates.

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